Digital Solutions

We provide a range of cost-effective solutions for HTML5 conversion from any of the pagination platform, like InDesign, Quark, LaTeX, Word, etc.... Our intelligent workflows, tools and experienced team help our clients to achieve the desired result and reach out effectively to the target audience.

We convert different kind of ePub formats like ePub2, ePub3, Fixed-Layout ePubs, Interactive ePubs, etc.. For all our ePub conversion work, we always follow IDPF standards with absolute quality ouput. We offer Epub3 fixed layout as free service in a cases where YPS team is offering-typesetting services to our esteemed clients.

Multilingual ePub services: We also offer ePub in Hebrew, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Dutch as well as all other European languages. For Non-Latin languages like, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and other languages.

YPS is fully equipped to handle all types of scanning projects including large-scale as well as the many types of paper-based projects. We are equipped with very experience team who can perform OCR with highest quality even on one of the oldest hardcopy input material. YPS team can provide service at any level depending on the accuracy rate you require.

  • OCR without clean-up (accuracy level generally of 95%)
  • OCR with errors cleanup (accuracy level is around 98-99%)
  • OCR including full proofreading - character level comparison (100% accurate)

York Publishing Solutions provides timely and accurate offshore Data Entry services & data capture solutions to variety of industries and companies. A range of advanced tools and highly experienced in-house team captures your data with the highest degree of accuracy & speed at cost-effective rates.

Digital Solutions