About us

York Publishing Solutions was established to address the changing markets and prevailing technologies to help our clients transition from conventional to digital media platforms. YPS is a concerted effort to move away from conventional thinking, to think differently and to visualise how content can be presented in new and exciting ways.

The YPS team has more than 20 years of experience in the publishing market in both prepress and publishing arena's. We have researched, designed, and produced publications for print and digital products in the educational, academic, higher education markets. We offer a range of publishing services and work with you to deliver a complete product to market.

Supporting our broad portfolio of products and services is the YPS hallmark: As part of the Company's customer-first approach, we:

  • Partner with customers
  • Understand their objective and budgetary constraints
  • Add expertise and values to the process/product
  • Deliver innovative solutions with high quality and low cost.

YPS management team has almost 25 years of experience in the publishing industry. It is backed by the brightest in publishing and content Solutions, including current supply chain head of a global learning solutions company. Early stage investors and business heads of leading content solutions companies are associated as advisors with YPS.