Design Solutions

Our team brings a variety of industry experience from agencies, design firms, production facilities and corporations. Besides offering creative solutions and production skill, our team has developed extensive knowledge of your products, services and brand requirements. We give our customers the flexibility to choose the service you need when you need it. We can provide all-inclusive creative services from concept to execution, work with an existing design system or provide creative management and oversight. Our creative resources are scalable to handle your business needs and we can also fill in meta data information in all your images.

We have years of experience with design and editing. Our designer has made hundreds of covers. You can see some of work examples across our site. We strive to make the design process easy while helping your book realize its full potential.

Creative illustration is one of the nipply & highly expressive ways to communicate your marketing goals & message to your targeted audience. Illustration is a talent and differentiator for which York Publishing Solutions team is recognized. Most of our cover art and illustrations are first conceptualized & illustrated by hand. It evolves on paper before entering the digital canvas. Hand drawn illustrations for websites, greeting cards, logos, print ad, book cover design, graphic novels, icon design, cartoons, character design, caricature, custom illustrations for apparel design & much more.

Our experienced designer team knows color and how it behaves in print. We can help you make the right moves on your photos or any other format of rasterized image. We are staffed with color specialists providing color correction and color matching, retouching and image composition. We offer:

  • Product matches
  • Expanded Gamut capability (Hexachrome and CMYKOGV)
  • Photo restoration
  • Color optimization

We design and produce captivating websites, eye-catching logos, high-end brochures, creative business cards, custom packaging, effective labels and MUCH more. Our happy clients come in all varieties, from skateboard makers to cupcake bakers. We have done labels and packaging for gourmet foods, pet foods, health and beauty products, pharmaceuticals, automotive products, health clubs and interior design services.

And if you're the type of organization who appreciates personal attention from start to finish, unlimited revisions, and someone available for you at all hours, look no further!

With our Artwork Preparation service, you can save precious time and effort by ensuring that your artwork is viewed favorably without you having to incur the additional cost of purchasing special graphics software.

Our graphics and design specialists are trained to prepare flawless artwork by following technical artwork guidelines for complex figures. They have experience working with a range of file formats such as JPEG, EPS, or TIFF. They can take care of various artwork requirements with usage experience on the following softwares:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Freehand
  • CorelDraw
  • InDesign
  • Flash